We Bring the Museum or the Aquarium to you….  Celebrating 17+ years of exceeding client expectations.

Choose from DINOSAURS ROCK®, OCEANS ROCK® and GEMS ROCK®! Kids take home REAL fossils, minerals, and/or seashells.  We’ll set up a mega museum exhibit of life-size and genuine specimens. Wow guests with DINOSAURS ROCK visuals  — 5-ft wide t-rex skull, 9-foot-high Ice Age leg, genuine dinosaur footprints, eggs…Extreme exhibits too! GEMS ROCK minerals include amethyst, citrine, quartz, pyrite… At OCEANS ROCK, pet a stingray without getting stung; touch a shark without getting bitten….(taxidermy ones, that is)… plus view sea stars, crabs, coral, sharks, sponges!  Our multimedia keynote will “transport” your guests to an aquarium.  Expert, engaging Presenters conduct interactive shows using our display pieces and audience volunteers.  The ultimate in educational entertainment. Fun science. Irresistible hands-on fossil digs (keep real dino bone, shark teeth..), excavations, gemstone mining (optional 25 ft rushing water sluice – real emeralds, rubies…), crystal-filled geode opening, jewelry-making, shark tooth necklace-making….. Stuff-A-Dinos too.  The rare event equally loved by adults and kids.  Relax mom & dad – we do it all — with the ultimate party favors and décor too.

Clients include the Bronx Zoo, National Geographic, thousands of private clients, schools and camps. Ages 3-14. Do-it-yourself activity supplies, unique gifts and prop rentals at DinosaursRockSuperstore.com!

PTA Moms…consider DINOSAURS ROCK® school shows, Family Fun Nites & Fundraisers.


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Phone: 845-368-3466
Online: DinosaursRock.com
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