e.t.c. (events–tailor-made and customized)

e.t.c. (events–tailor-made and customized) offers innovative, immersive, interactive museum tours for families. They’re based on iconic children’s books and movies, and we use the museum experience to illuminate the books, and the books to highlight the art. The tours include activities, games, handouts, and some cool takeaways at the end of each experience.

First up is “Griffins, Goblets, and Gold,” our wizarding tour inspired by the world of Harry Potter. The tours make great birthday parties; we have all sorts of birthday-ish add-ons, from great party bags to “wizarding” photos to a takeaway trivia game.

The tour is great for kids 5 and up. (They don’t need to have read the entire series.)

We’re adding more tours during the summer. Email us for more info or to sign up!


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220 West 98th Street
New York, Ny 10025
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Online: http://etccustomevents.com
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