Quick, name a place in the city that pleases everyone from preschoolers to teens.

JCC Manhattan has it all under one roof. Located on the Upper West Side, it’s a favorite spot for families to bond and explore new things. Here’s a peek at the fun:

  • With more than 1,000 programs each season, there’s something for everyone—even your littlest babes as young as three-weeks-old. The JCC offers tummy time, music, swim, tumbling and more classes.
  • The 14-story complex boasts an indoor pool and a full-court gymnasium, which means there’s plenty of space for city tykes to let loose.
  • Expert teachers will facilitate your child’s growth in physical development, coordination, socialization and creativity.
  • Families also love the sense of community. Welcoming shabbat dinners and holiday celebrations make it feel like a second home.
  • And the JCC knows each child is unique. That’s why they make it a priority to foster each kid’s personality by encouraging her to explore, discover, play, grow and connect.

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All the more reason to join in.


Hear What Other Parents are Saying:
“Little Maestros class is fantastic! It is fun, interactive, entertainment, and appropriate. It’s just perfect and the teachers are SO talented.”

“The pre-nursery class is structured well with lots of creative things for the kids and my son definitely learns something new every week.”

“My kid loves going to 2s Together. Attending has helped him become more independent and cooperative. He really loves his teachers.”

“The instructors were high energy and fun. They give a class that’s fun for parents as well as children.”