Say goodbye to the days of 72-degree winter weather in NYC, the season is officially here! Brave the freezing temps by indulging in some of the city’s best cups of hot chocolate. Now that it’s cold enough to enjoy, there really is no better way to keep warm than with a famed cup of hot chocolate from one of the city’s top-ranked spots. Click through to discover where you can get the best cups of hot cocoa and — some inspired winter treats!

House Made Cup of Heaven

Midtown rejoice! The house made hot chocolate at Bibble & Sip is no joke. On their signature drink list for a reason, this hot chocolate is amazing and tastes like something just lifted from your grandmother’s stove. Even the marshmallow is homemade! We’re especially fans of this spot for its midtown address, our work weeks and commutes just got a whole lot sweeter!

Good to know: The word “bibble” means “to eat indulgently” (don’t worry, we had to look up the meaning behind the name too!)

Bibble &  Sip
253 W. 51st St
New York, NY 10019

Image courtesy of Bibble & Sip via Facebook

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Where’s your go-to spot for NYC’s best hot chocolate?

—Alina Adams & Ilyssa Smith