“Join Jodi’s Gym as they celebrate 35 yrs of providing fun, friends and fitness to NY kids!  All Sept they are offering intro classes for new members. Call 212.772.7633 to reserve your spot and see what the buzz is about!

Classes range from 9 months-12 years old. Their step-by-step, no fail approach ensures that every child feels a sense of accomplishment. At Jodi’s Gym they will develop a love for exercise and fitness, pride and self-esteem, traits they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  You won’t find a more attentive, caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff anywhere! Each team member goes through an extensive Jodi’s Gym training program. From the tiniest tumblers to advanced gymnasts, there is something for everyone!  Programs offered include adult/child gym (9-35 mos), gymnastics (3-12 yrs), preschool alternative (2’s), Ninja Challenge (4-8 yrs), summer and holiday break camps, free playtime for members (over 50/semester!), amazing member perks, play groups, and the best birthday parties ever!”


-from Jodi Levine, Jodi’s Gym
244 East 84th St
New York, Ny 10028
Email: jodi@jodisgym.com
Phone: 212-772-7633
Online: jodisgym.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jodisgym
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