Jewish Children’s Museum

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the 50,000 square foot multi-media wired structure, complete with hands-on exhibits focusing on Jewish Culture and Traditions, Heritage and contemporary Jewish life. It’s the only Jewish themed children’s museum in the world!

Kids can stock up on kosher products with scaled-down shopping carts, and play the role of cashier using real barcode scanners at the checkout. Climb through the world’s largest Challah on a larger than life Shabbat table (did you ever wonder what it would feel like to be as small as an ant?), create a “Get Well” card to be delivered to the children’s hospital and get a real taste of the Jewish Holidays.

Visitors are invited to travel back in time on a “Voyage through Jewish History”, visiting Abraham and Sarah’s tent, placing a prayer in a replica of the Western Wall, playing King David’s laser harp, and more.

Other activities include a 20 ft. rock climb wall, outdoor mini-golf, crafts and seasonal programs.


000000440-KIhw1LWEruVT9_MAW0dJewish Children’s Museum
792 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, Ny 11213
Phone: 718-907-8861
Online: JCM.museum
Facebook: facebook.com/JewishChildrensMuseum
Instagram: instagram.com/jewishchildrensmuseum



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