It’s been a while since something truly epic opened in Times Square, but listen up, people: Gulliver’s Gate has opened and it’s here to blow minds both big and small. With a name inspired by Jonathan Swift’s novel, Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver’s Gate is a full city block-wide miniature world exhibition, housing 300 built-to scale models of cities and landmarks from around the world. It’s artistry, it’s geography, it’s interactive fun and it’s super cool. Enough talk: click through to see what we mean.

This Little World is Big News

In the works for three years, Gulliver's Gate swings open on April 4. From that date until May 9, the massive miniature exhibit will be in a preview mode, with some final elements, such as an ambient and location-specific soundtrack and dramatic lighting not yet installed. (The attraction will offer a slightly-reduced, $25 ticket price for all visitors during these opening weeks.) We saw it while it was still under construction and were impressed, so if you're intrigued you don't need to wait for all the bells and whistles.

photo: Gulliver's Gate 

Gulliver’s Gate
April 6 – May 8 preview; May 9 and on
Preview tickets: $25/all; May 9 and on: $36/Adults; $27/12 and under; $27/Senior
9 a.m. – 10 p.m.
216 W. 44th St.
Times Square

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— Mimi O’Connor