Ah, New York. So full of creative types — including, it turns out, your kid! If you’ve got a little one more interested in sewing than soccer, pumped for origami not overnights, or way into weaving instead of water sports, check out these summer camps for all kinds of artisans. With the right planning, June, July and August will each offer their own handmade project experience and by the time September rolls around, you’ll have a school year’s worth of unique birthday presents in your closet! Click on through to see our carefully-crafted picks!

For the Visual Artist: Brooklyn Design Lab

There are just a few seats left in Brooklyn Design Lab’s summer camp series with weekly camps in a range of topics from collage to printmaking to fabric investigation. Studios start at just $220 for the week, and the more you enroll in, the better the deal.

What: Summer Labs at Brooklyn Design Lab
Where: Brooklyn Design Lab, 413 7th Ave., Park Slope
When: One Week Camps starting July 13th, 9-11a.m. or 1-3p.m.
Ages: K-6 grades
Cost: $220 per studio