“Keylab is a modern music and audio arts education studio in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn using cutting edge technology to inspire the next generation of musicians filmmakers, podcasters and more. We offer private lessons, group classes, summer programs and workshops in piano, bass, drums, digital music production, audio arts, group performance and more for ages 6 to adult.

Summer programs run in July and August.

No matter their goals, we focus on giving students a thorough education in core musical concepts such as rhythm, harmony, melody, musical form and dynamics.

We work at a pace that is appropriate for each student. Except for young children and complete beginners, Keylab largely uses music that is chosen by the student so that they will be more involved in their experience. We help the student recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and then learn to create realistic short and long term goals to guide their progress. By adjusting their approach over time and learning to develop efficient strategies towards achieving their goals, students not only become solid musicians, but also more effective people in their daily lives.”


-from Adrian Cohen, Keylab
94 Luquer Street
Brooklyn, Ny 11231
Phone: 718-576-3514
Online: keylab.nyc
Facebook: facebook.com/keylabnyc
Twitter: twitter.com/Keylabnyc



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