Did you know NYC is home to approximately 85 different museums, many of them dedicated to art? Tap into that creative energy this weekend with one of these cool events that will help you express your artistic side. From this sculpture workshop to this community-inspired art installation, or this one-of-a-kind visual art exhibit. Whichever you choose, your little artist will be jumping for joy. Looking for something else to do this weekend? Don’t worry ­– we have that covered too. Scroll down for more fun-filled options!

The Jewish Museum, NY. Photo: Will Ragozzino/SocialShutterbug.com


“Opus Cactus” by MOMIX
Audiences will witness giant saguaros, tumbleweeds, fire dancers, cactus wrens, and a slithering Gila monster emerge from an ingenious use of costumes, lighting, and the human body as the superbly physical MOMIX dancers extend the reach of the imagination – and dance – into worlds strange and new. Fri.–Sun. Event Details.

Mad. Sq. Art: Josiah McElheny
The outdoor exhibition will comprise three exquisite sculptures in painted wood and prismatic glass: minimal, almost architectural forms that will create new spaces within the Park for the creation of music, dance, and poetry: a curvilinear, translucent blue sound wall for experimental music; a circular, reflective green floor for vanguard dance; and a vaulted-roofed luminous red and yellow pavilion for poetry. Fri.–Sun. Event Details.

Hudson Nature Walk
Learn about Hudson River Park’s wildlife by joining knowledgeable naturalists on guided nature walks along the Park’s esplanade. Sun. Event Details.


Charlemagne Palestine’s Bear Mitzvah in Meshugahland
Enter the colorful, fantastical world of visual artist, musician, composer, and performer Charlemagne Palestine with an immersive, site-specific installation of hundreds of teddy bears and other plush toys influenced by the artist’s Brooklyn Jewish roots. Fri.­–Sun. Event Details.


Scavenger Hunt for Harry Potter Fans
Young wizards will enjoy a trip to the Metropolitan Museum, in search of art that echoes characters and enchanted objects in the Harry Potter books. You’ll track down serpents, Dumbledore look-alikes, and figures as scary as any Death Eater. This hunt references the books to provide a bridge to many wonderful works of art. Sat. Event Details.


The Connective Project
It’s opening day of The Connective Project. The pieces of this community art project, uploaded in moments, will adorn a field of thousands of pinwheels to create an undulating wave of color that blankets the two-and-half acre Rose Garden. Fri.–Sun. Event Details.

Bargemusic: Music in Motion Family Concert
Head to the Brooklyn waterfront and climb aboard this floating barge for a unique Music in Motion concert for families, followed by a Q&A session with the musicians. Sat. Event Details.


Make Your Own Wildflower Seed Balls
Use locally produced compost to create native wildflower seed balls, and then take home your seed ball to introduce native wildflowers to your neighborhood! Sat. Event Details.

Saturday Sculpture Workshop
Drop into this hands-on workshop where kids will work with a different artist each week to create their own masterpieces based on different techniques, mediums, and inspiration. Sat. Event Details.

Angry Birds Universe at NYSCI
Twenty hands-on exhibits place museum visitors inside the world of the Angry Birds games. Using giant slingshots, kids and adults of all ages can propel balls adorned with the images of Angry Birds characters to test structures. Visitors can also build and race handheld vehicles, discover bird characteristics such as egg sizes and wingspan lengths, and create their own stop motion animations. Fri.–Sun. Event Details.


Family Art Project: Wet Felting Florals
Pull from bright colors of wool roving, as well as your own outdoor sketches of the flowering garden, to make an eye-popping, floral-fabric landscape. Sat. –Sun. Event Details.

What’s your favorite museum or art space in NYC? Tell us about it in the comments!

— Jesseca Stenson