For kids lucky enough to have birthdays during the warmer months, an outdoor playground party not only can be a real cost-saver, but also it can be super fun and even (dare we say it?) easy to pull off. Check out our guide to giving your kid the best playground birthday party ever.

Choose Your Birthday Party Venue Wisely

You can have a party at any NYC public playground. You’ll want to suss out your options carefully before deciding on the perfect location. Look for a playground with age-appropriate equipment and a fence that locks securely. You’ll want the playground to be big enough to hold all the kids at the party, but not so big that you can’t see where your kid is at all times. If your party is in the summer, look for one that will be shaded at the time of your party.

A few other things to consider about your venue: does it have tables you can use? Are there bathrooms? A water supply? Does it have sprinklers to cool kids down? How busy does the playground get? And one very important detail to consider - how far away from is the playground from your home? Don't forget that you’ll be trekking there and back with a lot of stuff, so the closer the better.

–Christine Knight

Photos by Kristy May Photography