Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you have to give up your workouts! With your doctor’s approval (of course!) working out during your pregnancy can have great physical, mental and emotional benefits. Check out our top prenatal workouts in NYC to keep you moving throughout your pregnancy. Added plus? You can do all of these classes post-baby as well to keep your workout streak going strong. Scroll down to see our favorites!

Two for two

Specifically designed to be the optimal prenatal workout and meditation combination, AQUA studio has partnered with Mama Glow Pre/Postnatal Yoga with Latham Thomas to bring you restorative aqua cycling classes and yoga classes in a single visit! A gentle cardio workout and nurturing yoga session combine for a great workout and a restorative recovery. You'll leave the studio feeling better than ever!

Moms love: Cycling in the water. Whether your pre or post baby, this is something to immediately add to your workout regimen.


78 Franklin Street
Online: aquastudiony.com

Schedule: Schedule is built to allow you to combine your Aquacycling and Yoga practice in one visit, call for most up to date class times.
Fridays 9:30am Restorative Aquacycling followed by 10:45am Mama Glow Yoga
Saturdays 10:30am Mama Glow Yoga followed by 12pm Classical Restorative Aquacycling

Cost: Prices and memberships vary based on yoga/cycling preference, starting at $35 for 1 cycling class, $65 for both cycling yoga


Train Like a Dancer

Ballet Beautiful is a great workout to take advantage of stretches and targeted exercises inspired by classical ballet training. Classes offered combine barre, mat, and light cardio, and are designed to help sculpt and tone your body. Ballet Beautiful offers small group classes at their Soho and UES locations, as well as private training. Our favorite way to get our ballet workout on is Ballet Beautfiul's prenatal DVD's and online streaming videos, which are great for moms-to-be to take with them on the road or do from home. Don't worry, no matter where you take class- no tutu or previous dance training required!

Mom's love: The targeted prenatal AND postnatal workouts specifically designed for women preparing for and recovering from childbirth. Online streaming videos are available all year round, and can easily fit in your schedule at any time.

Locations:98 Greene St, Soho and 19 E 75th Street Fl 3, Upper East Side

Schedule: Class schedule and registration here

Online: www.balletbeautiful.com

Cost: $38 per class (packages decrease cost per class); $25 first class special

Go to the Barre

Want to preserve those long, lean gorgeous muscles throughout your pregnancy (or at least try to find them again)? Barre classes are some of the best workout classes for pregnant women due to the controlled movements and seamless modifications. Physique57 and PureBarre are two of our favorite barre workout studios, and both offer classes that combine light cardio, strength training and stretching to work your arms, thighs, seat and abs of during and after pregnancy.

Moms Love: These two studios offer barre classes that make us feel like we’re never taking the exact same class twice given their variety of instructors and class types. The moves allow for small bursts that fatigue muscles to exhaustion for ultimate toning.

Physique57 Locations: 4 NYC locations, check here for the closest to you

Online: physique57.com
(212) 399-0570

Pure Barre Locations: 13 NYC locations, check here for the closest local studio

Online: purebarre.com

Schedule: Times based vary based on location; register for Physique57 online here and register for select Pure Barre here. Call your local studio for post up to date class schedules.

Cost: $36 per class for Physique 57 and $33 per class for Pure Barre (discount packages available, some studios offer Baby on Board packages)

Strike a Pose

Compare notes with other expecting moms in the moderately- paced, 90-minute prenatal yoga class at Yoga Vida. Each class begins and ends with a restorative pose to connect with baby, relax the body, and de-stress the mind. But we promise it’s no nap fest! Basic yoga asana allows you to strengthen the body and increase stamina required for labor (kegels anyone?).

After baby, check out their postnatal classes; babies 18 months and up are invited to join you for a 90-minute class designed to heal and rejuvenate the body following childbirth.

Moms Love: Pigeon pose : it opens the hips (making more room for baby) and stretches the back, butt and thigh muscles in all the right spots.

Locations: 4 locations in NYC, check the closest to you here

Online: yogavida.com

(212) 845-9973

Schedule: Varies per location, see updated schedule here

Cost: $20 per class for Drop In, (discount packages available)

Work Your Core

Focus on your abs and core in a FlexPilates prenatal class - a 55-minute total body workout for moms-to-be. You'll practice modified Pilates exercises to prevent exaggerated diastase (belly muscle separation) as well as alleviate back pain associated with pregnancy. This class will help you break a healthy sweat as you prepare your body for a smoother labor and delivery and a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy body.

Moms Love: Watchdog Balance - an excellent pose for balance, stability and strengthening the traverse abdominals which are important to support a growing baby and pushing during labor.

Location: Union Square 47 W 14th St., 2nd fl.; NoHo 650 Broadway, 3rd Fl.

Online: flexstudios.com

(212) 929-6106

Schedule: Varies by location; register online here

Cost: $38 per class (discount packages available)

Stay Fly

Combine FlyWheel and FlyBarre classes to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. Both classes are okay to continue doing with baby on board, as long as your doc approves and you continue to modify the intensity of your workout you progress. FlyWheel focuses on cycling with a tech pack on every bike that allows you to track and share your workout stats with the rest of your class if you like. (Some people find this motivating.) FlyBarre offers a variety of barre classes of different skill and intensity levels. (Be sure to let your instructor know you're expecting; they'll set you up with any appropriate modifications for class.) The rocking playlists and efficient workouts here keep future moms coming back throughout their entire pregnancy.


Moms love: Having barre class and cycling class in the same studio, making it easy to do workouts back to back for a complete full body workout.

Locations: 10 NYC locations, check here for the closest one near you

Online: flywheelsports.com

Schedule: Schedules vary by location, sign up for class here

Cost: $34 a class, but packages and memberships allow for discounted prices and combined barre/wheel membships

Stretch It Out

Lengthen muscles, loosen joints, and relieve muscle tension at a 60-minute Village Gyrotonic  prenatal class. Gyrotonic improves overall flexibility by strengthening and stretching major muscle groups and joints while enhancing your range of motion, balance and coordination. Based on principles from yoga, tai chi, gymnastics, and dance, the exercises are performed on equipment designed to give the human body complete freedom of movement.

Moms love: Gyrotonic exercises help to create a strong, flexible, pelvic floor while strengthening and toning abdominal muscles, buttocks, hips and thighs.

35 Bedford St.
West Village

Online: villagegyrotonic.com


Schedule: Sat., 1:30 p.m., call 646-638-0110 to register

Cost: $20-$35 per class

Get Your Soul On

Good news SoulCycle addicts: just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to stop tapping it back like a rock star. Assuming cycling has been a part of your life pre-pregnancy and you and your doctor agree it's okay, SoulCycle encourages riders to continue riding through pregnancy with personal adjustments taken when needed. While there are no set “prenatal” classes, regular Soul classes shouldn’t be an issue with your bump. Check out the blog post Stephanie Pearl , a SoulCycle instructor, wrote about helpful tips for pregnant riders for inspiration!

Moms love: Rocking the “Sexy Corners” move on the bike. Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can’t workout with sass!

Location: Multiple NYC neighborhoods, check here for the closest near you

Online: soul-cycle.com

Cost: $34 a class per class (packages decrease cost per class), doesn’t include cycling shoes

Treat Yourself

Exhale is a mom-to-be’s ideal destination for prenatal workouts. Specializing in barre, yoga and spa treatments, this inclusive facility is ready to make working out an awesome experience. If you’re already active in both barre and yoga classes, you are encouraged to take classes right up to the day you give birth (with varying levels of intensity of course!). Exhale's barre and yoga classes vary by intensity, and their dedication to guests’ health requires expecting moms to provide a note from her OBGYN before taking classes. While classes aren’t called out as prenatal, teachers are prepared to offer proper modifications throughout class to ensure a moms-to-be a great workout. Added plus? Exhale offers prenatal facials and massages (after the second trimester) to help guests relax and relieve stress.


Moms love: Scheduling back to back classes and spa treatment. What better way to motivate for a class than a spa treatment afterwards? We’re in.

Locations: 7 NYC locations, check here for the closest near you


Online: exhalespa.com

Cost: $37 per Core Fusion Barre Class; $26 per Yoga Fitness Class ( packages decrease cost per class) Prenatal Massage $135 ( 60 mins); Call for custom prenatal facial quotes.

What’s your favorite prenatal fitness class or studio? Tell us about it in the comments!

— Ilyssa Smith

featured photo: freestocks.org via flickr 



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