Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you have to give up your workouts! With your doctor’s approval (of course!) working out during your pregnancy can have great physical, mental and emotional benefits. Check out our top prenatal workouts in NYC to keep you moving throughout your pregnancy. Added plus? You can do all of these classes post-baby as well to keep your workout streak going strong. Click through to see our favorites!

Two for two

Specifically designed to be the optimal prenatal workout and meditation combination, AQUA studio has partnered with Mama Glow Pre/Postnatal Yoga with Latham Thomas to bring you restorative aqua cycling classes and yoga classes in a single visit! A gentle cardio workout and nurturing yoga session combine for a great workout and a restorative recovery. You'll leave the studio feeling better than ever!

Moms love: Cycling in the water. Whether your pre or post baby, this is something to immediately add to your workout regimen.


78 Franklin Street
Online: aquastudiony.com

Schedule: Schedule is built to allow you to combine your Aquacycling and Yoga practice in one visit, call for most up to date class times.
Fridays 9:30am Restorative Aquacycling followed by 10:45am Mama Glow Yoga
Saturdays 10:30am Mama Glow Yoga followed by 12pm Classical Restorative Aquacycling

Cost: Prices and memberships vary based on yoga/cycling preference, starting at $35 for 1 cycling class, $65 for both cycling + yoga

photo: via Aqua Studio NY Facebook page

What’s your favorite prenatal fitness class or studio? Tell us about it in the comments!

— Ilyssa Smith

featured photo: freestocks.org via flickr