When you’re a kid in school, traveling to far flung corners of the world is a complicated endeavor (What about that book report that’s due?!). What’s a kid with an obvious interest in world cultures to do? Bring the world to the school!

Avenues: The World School, located in Chelsea, is an global private school system for kids in nursery through 12th grade that focuses on campus-to-campus global learning, world class technology and language immersion. Here’s why you and your little globetrotter should check out an upcoming information event:

  • Mandarin or Spanish immersion begins in nursery school. Capitalizing on the unique language acquisition abilities found in young children, students spend every other day in a Spanish or Chinese classroom practicing all subjects.
  • The school’s brand-new Early Learning Center is built specifically for kiddos ages three to six years old and complements Avenues’ unique language immersion program.
  • Students have the option of spending time at the campus in São Paulo, Brazil (which opened this year!) and at one of the other campuses that the school plans to inaugurate around the world.

The next parent information events will happen Thursday, September 20 and Tuesday, October 2, for Nursery to Pre-K, and Wednesday, October 10, for Nursery to 12th grade. Register here.

At Avenues, all the world’s a classroom!