Use code SLEEPOVER5 for $5 off Adult Tickets by 11/9.

TADA! performances are one-hour long, affordable, fun-filled musicals for family audiences of ages 3+. They are presented by talented kids who are members of TADA!’s Resident Youth Ensemble.

Coming Up Next: Sleepover (Weekend performances Nov. 16-Dec. 2)

Sleepover tackles all the hilarious and hairy situations in that glorious stage of tween-hood. While Simone frets about not fitting in, Mia worries about whom to invite. As for the boys? They’re plotting a way to crash the party.

Tickets start at $15. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets!

TADA! Youth Theater
15 West 28th Street
New York, Ny 10001
Phone: 212-252-1619