The advanced dancers of Shooting Stars NYC ended 2017 stronger than ever with an amazing audition opportunity for America’s Got Talent! The advanced All Star Events Team submitted their very strong hip hop dance that they perfomed in November at the Barclay’s Center and they were quickly invited to the NYC audition with front of line passes. This guarenteed that they would be seen with the other VIP performers and would skip the long lines. This alone was a reason for the dancers and their coaches to be proud! Their audition in front of the producers was just as strong and the girls carried themselves professionally and confidently! They caught the eyes of the camera crew and were asked to be a part of the promotional footage to be used for the New York episode. The entire experience was very exciting for all of the dancers on this team, their coaches and the younger dancers who look up the older girls so much! The sky is the limit for ALL of our Stars and we’re very excited for another year of dance!

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