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 “My son tells all his friends that his mom shoots pictures of kids… I cringe a bit since I fancy myself an artist that creates iconic images that are honest and spontaneous.  In truth, he’s right. I do shoot kids and families and anyone that wants casual, contemporary photographs that tell an idyllic story. I’m not a documentarian; I do not by any means capture a fleeting moment in one’s life and move on to the next subject. My clientele and my lens are partners. We work together, exhausting the expected and eventually revealing their true spirits, creating a sophisticated snap-shot of real life. I offer classic and contemporary alternatives for wall art and gifts and believe in the art of the photograph.

My clientele covers every spectrum of life. I have been working equally long capturing the families of the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, as well as the neighborhood kids. Recent advertising assignment work includes shoots for Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, Fuji and Splenda and myimages can be found each month in lifestyle publications and blogs around the world. Check out www.suebarr.com to see some of my editorial and fine art work."


000002368-ksenbhlhmiv4wdmgw0u-from Sue Barr, SueBarrPhoto
Email: sue@suebarr.com
Phone: 646-369-5033
Online: suebarrphoto.com
Facebook: facebook.com/suebarrphotography
Twitter: twitter.com/suebarrphoto
Instagram: instagram.com/suebarr