With all of the amazing bakeries in town there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding a birthday cake. But which ones make ones that are a cut above? We’ve got suggestions, from great gluten-free to the best in buttercream, a delicious last-minute save, crazy custom creations and more. Click through for sweets that take the cake!

For the Hard to Please: Butterfly Bakeshop

We all know the kid that needs to make the birthday planning just a little more difficult. She doesn’t want the standard party with balloons and favors.  She doesn’t even profess to liking birthday cake. How to please the rest?  How about this cake that looks like her favorite breakfast from Butterfly Bakeshop?  They can make this, as well as your favorite superhero or princess option too.

Butterfly Bakeshop
133 East 39th St.
Online: butterflybakeshop.com

photo: Butterfly Bakeshop

Where do you head for amazing cakes? Share it with the group in the comments below!

—Kim Sunshine & Anna Knoebel