Is your “niño” or “nǚháir” speaking Spanish or Mandarin yet? Second language fluency isn’t just another early childhood ed craze—it’s practically a necessity for your kiddo to keep up with their peers.

Say “ni hao” and “hola” to the International Academy of New York, where your little citizen of the world will feel right at home. At the Academy, diversity and multicultural experiences aren’t just talked about—they are lived in, celebrated and embraced every day. Here’s what makes the International Academy of New York a truly exceptional educational experience:

  • The Academy’s bilingual program builds more than just language fluency: every language, music and art teacher at the Academy is a native speaker. They don’t just teach your kids how to count to 10 in Mandarin or Spanish, they immerse your children in the richness of Chinese and Spanish culture.
  • At other bigger public or private schools, your kid might feel lost in all the noise. Not so at the Academy: This non-profit independent school is designed to be intimate in size so that every child receives personal attention and affection where they can find—and be unafraid of—his or her voice (including your budding scholar).
  • Location, location location! The Academy is located in a landmark building on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 90th Street. That’s a hop skip and jump from Central Park, and from the amazing museums on Museum Mile.
  • Spots are available for Pre-Nursery (for kids as young as 2) through Grade 4 classes, and applications are still being accepted. If you’re thinking about your monthly budget bottom line, the Academy also offers financial aid, especially for older applicants and siblings.

All that’s missing from your kiddo’s passport to a global education at International Academy of New York is your stamp of approval.

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Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“A three-year-old greeting, counting and singing songs in Mandarin and Spanish is just the best thing in the world!”
— Biubiu Y. (NYC)
“Our son is in a loving and supportive environment that has enriched and developed his love of learning. The International Academy of New York encourages him to be a global thinker, which fosters innovation, curiosity and drives a thirst for learning.”
— Tzedale M. (NYC)
“We view bilingual education as a precious gift for our children and we are so thankful that our children have been able to be a part of this unique immersion experience.”
— Katie M (Australia/NYC)
“The International Academy of New York has been a wonderful choice for our son. It is a charming and unique private school where the administration and teachers understand that no two children learn the same. We could not imagine sending our son anywhere else!”
— Dez A. (NYC)