Say ni hao and hola to the International Academy of New York, where your little learners will feel right at home. At the Academy, diversity and multicultural experiences aren’t just talked about—they are lived in, celebrated and embraced every day. Here’s what makes the International Academy of New York a truly exceptional education experience:

  • The Academy’s bilingual program builds more than just language fluency: every language, music and art teacher at the Academy is a native speaker. They don’t just teach your kids how to count to 10 in Mandarin or Spanish, they immerse your children in the richness of Chinese and Spanish culture.
  • With a small teacher to student ratio, every child is nurtured and encouraged in their intellectual, physical, creative, social and emotional development.
  • Every student of the International Academy—from Pre-Nursery (2 year olds) all the way through Eighth Grade—develops a strong sense of empathy, confidence and cultural understanding, along with fluency in Mandarin or Spanish. The school also fosters outstanding literacy and math skills as well as creative expression through art and music.
  • Open houses are currently being held on the Upper West Side and at Parents League. This summer, they’ll be heading back to their landmark school building (4 East 90th next to Central Park). There are currently a limited number of spots open for the fall of 2019 in Pre-Nursery through Fourth Grade.

Don’t miss your chance to check out this truly one-of-a-kind school for yourself.


Hear What Other Parents Are Saying on Facebook:

“IANY values our differences…celebrates the cultural, social and intellectual diversity of us all. Our son is in a loving and supportive environment that has enriched and developed his love of learning.”
—Tzedale & Christoph, parents
“We view bilingual education as a precious gift for our children…The unique Mandarin immersion program at IANY is thoughtfully designed and brilliantly implemented.”
—Katie, parent
“From the very first day we arrived at the school on that cold snowy NY morning we have been so overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness shown toward our family.”
—James, parent