TLB Music

Want to boogie to the blues with your tiny dancers? Shout out showtunes? With TLB Music, your tiny talents will develop a personal relationship with the rhythms that you share.

At this great UES space, students learn Jazz, Latin, Folk, Broadway, Rock, Pop, Classical and more. This is the good stuff—shared by good people, in a nurturing, convenient, and spotless learning environment.

Small explorers meet new instruments up-close and personally. They pull a bow across violin strings, and drag the slide on the trombone. Through maracas, tambourines, violins, harmonicas, keyboards, and all sorts of child-sized instruments, TLB teachers introduce musical exploration—through exhilarating, hands-on experiences. TLB’s gifted instructors each play over 20 instruments!

TLB’s courses follow creative, exciting semester-long themes. For example, “Henry and the Hot Air Balloon” introduces world music cultures. “Talia and the Time Machine” highlights 1890-1990 decade-by-decade. And “Betty Loves Broadway” showcases fabulous musicals.

TLB offers unlimited make-up lessons and flexible scheduling—because rock star families are busy. TLB also hosts the perfect playground alternative: The Playroom, an eco-friendly, drop-in play space for band members ages 6 months-6 years. And finally, your first class is free!

TLB: It’s a jam that the whole family will dig. Now that deserves an encore.


— From Carina Zimmerman & Katia Asthalter, TLB Music Owner
266 East 78th Street
New York NY 10075
Email: tlbmusicnyc@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tlbmusicnyc
Website: http://tlbmusic.com/


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