Dessert or breakfast food? You decide. Whether drenched in syrup or dressed up with chile con carne, your kids likely think this checkered treat is good enough to eat any time of day. Flip through the following photos to go on a tour of the NYC’s best waffles for kids.

Hearty Enough for Dinner

When a place has its own designated waffle menu with 14 options, you know they’re hardcore. Amy Ruth’s of Harlem offers original, no-frills waffles, steps up its game a bit to Chicken & Waffles or Waffles & Chicken Wings, then ups the ante to Waffles with Sausage or Bacon, and finally goes all out with a Waffles and Boneless Rib-Eye Steak combo. The Amy Ruth after whom the restaurant is named was the mother of ten children – seven boys and three girls.  Her grandson is the owner. As a result, Amy Ruth’s titular restaurant is very family friendly, not to mention noise – and mess – tolerant. A great place to go for either lunch or dinner - here, a waffle really can be a full meal and then some.

Amy Ruth’s
113 West 116th St., Harlem

Image courtesy of Saori E. via Yelp

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— Alina Adams & Julie Seguss