When it comes to your kids’ birthdays, we know each year feels like a milestone—from baby’s very first birthday to the two-digit touchdown of turning ten. That’s why we decided to gather ideas that honor each year in big, number-centric ways. Click through the slideshow below for decorations, favors, and photo opps that are perfect for every age.

1 Year Old: Balloons for the Big One

It’s the big one! Even if your babe doesn’t grasp the birthday gist yet, celebrating that single-digit milestone can be fun for everyone. We can’t get enough of this party over at These Blonde Walls, especially the golden “uno” balloons. Feast your eyes on the whole fiesta here.

photo: These Blonde Walls


Are you doing anything special for your kiddo’s next birthday? Share with us in the comment section below!

—Abigail Matsumoto