Traveling with tots in tow is no easy feat. Many parents use their smart phone or iPad to keep takeoff tantrums and road trip rage at bay—but there are also a variety of applications that can help you keep your cool while on the go. From sightseeing apps that banish backseat boredom to apps that help you locate the nearest rest stop when they really gotta go, these tools of the trade will help everyone stay on track.

Mom Maps

In your hometown, you know every local tot spot like the back of your hand—but when you are traveling—it can be harder to know where to go. Mom Maps boasts more than 28,000 kid-focused locations in 28 metro areas that span from Portland to Paris. The smart app is choc full of useful mom-formation and uses your GPS functionality to direct you to find the nearest park, playground or indoor play area wherever you may roam.
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What tech do you rely on when traveling with tots? Tell us below!

–Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of iTunes; featured photo courtesy of Wickenden via creative commons