You’ve got the gear, the shoes and the motivation, but the time it takes to get to class? Not so much. This year, jumpstart your healthy-living goals without putting a single sneaker in the gym—sign up for a fitness streaming service. From the hottest workout trends to the best subscription for beginners, there’s one for everyone. Scroll down to find one that fits your needs and get moving!

dailyburn_onlinefitness_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Daily Burn

Someone in Your Corner
When you sign up for Daily Burn, you’ll be getting a cheering section in the supportive online community, as well as an impressive collection of workouts—24/7. The workouts are designed and taught by seven top-notch fitness gurus (like celebrity trainer Bob Harper); every morning you can catch a new workout via live stream (it’s available for the next 24 hours as well), or opt to try one of the numerous archived videos. There are 20-plus programs, which include dance, high-intensity cardio, strength-training and more. The service also offers a personalized workout plan to help you find your perfect workout. Daily Burn is compatible with a range of devices and streaming services, including Apple TV, Roku, Android and iPad, which makes it easy to workout anytime, anywhere.

Best for: People who need a little extra motivation.
Cost: First month free, $14.95 after.

ipad-mommy-and-me-classes-hi-res-1photo: courtesy YogaGlo

Namaste Now
YogaGlo brings the soothing, zen mood of a yoga studio to your living room. Each workout is filmed in an actual studio, and the vibe filters right through to your workout. Each time you log on you’ll be quizzed about your state of mind, and what you want out of the workout (Feeling calm? Feeling energized?). There are options for everyone—beginners, runners, and travelers are just a few—and workouts range from five to 120 minutes. There are plenty of classes for expectant mothers and families, too. With more than 3,800 videos, your choices are endless.

Best for: Yoga at all levels. 
Cost: First 15 days free, $18 a month after.

balletbeautiful_onlinefitnessworkout_fitness_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Ballet Beautiful

The Hot New Workout
Ballet Beautiful was created by professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers (she trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan). She’s a trainer to celebrities and supermodels and now, you can get the same workouts that give Gigi Hadid her long limbs with Ballet Beautiful’s mega-popular streaming service. It’s a little pricier than other services, but the results are worth the cost. Opt to tone your bottom half, tighten up your abs and arms, or power your way through a full body workout. You have the option of streaming individual videos (nutcracker workout bundle, supermodel, Ballet Beautiful stretch bundle), or choosing the custom workout plan (unlimited access, two new videos a month, personalized workouts), which has a monthly fee. There’s even a pre-natal option for expectant mamas.

Good for: People looking to tone and sculpt.
Cost: Videos range from $9.99 to $14.99 or $39.99 per month.

bodylovepilates_onlinefitness_redtriyclephoto: courtesy BodyLove Pilates

Mama Love
BodyLove Pilates was created by a pre-and post-natal pilates guru as she was going through her own pregnancy, and this subscription caters to expectant mamas. The workouts are tailored to various stages of pregnancy, and the services has specialized workouts for different needs: what muscles you want to target, any pain you may be feeling, how much time you have, and more. For $25 a month, members get access to a rapidly growing library of 200+ workouts, a step-by-step catalog of pilates mat exercises (over 100!), detailed anatomical info on what happens in the pre-and post-natal stages, the Postnatal After Birth Training Program, and a blog filled with handy tips to get you through each trimester.

Best for: Pre-and post-natal fitness 
Cost: First week free, $25 a month after.

booyafitness_facebook_onlinefitness_fitness_redtricyclephoto: courtesy Booya Fitness via Facebook

One Membership Fits All
There are so many offerings from Booya Fitness, the chances you’ll get bored are slim. There are over 100 boutique classes, different workout plans (clean eating challenge, busy mom workout plan, post-baby bounce back and more), and a blog with tons of healthy living tips. You’ll even get reminder emails to keep you motivated and on the right track.  

Best for: All levels and fitness interests.
Cost: First month free, $9.99 for one month, $26.99 for three months.

physique57_onlinefitness_redtricyclephoto courtesy Physique 57

Sleek Physique
Physique 57 uses a method called Interval Overload—a combo of body resistance moves that target the abs, gluts, thighs and arms. Each workout focuses on strength training, cardio, and restorative workouts, there’s minimal equipment needed for the 40+ online videos, and the intensity of the workouts mean quick results. There are videos available in 10, 15, 30 minutes or longer, so you can design your workout playlist to fit your needs and daily schedule. There are also two, four, eight and 12 week programs, which organize the workouts for you. 

Insider Tip: New for 2017, Physique 57 introduces the Lose 10 in 10 program. The 10 week program focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle, not just weight loss and body transformation. When you join, you’ll receive a nutrition plan along with the videos (12 in total from 15 min to an hour each), as well as an “accountability calendar,” that’ll keep you in check and motivate you to finish the entire program! Video on demand is $57 for one month, and $90 for three months.

Best for: Body resistance training, all levels.
Cost: First week free, $30 a month after.

ibodyfit_facebook_onlinesubscriptions_fitness_redtricyclephoto: courtesy iBodyFit via Facebook

Plan It Out
iBodyFit is ideal for people who need a little structure with their workout. Designed by fitness guru Franklin Antoian, there are three basic options: Fat Burner Plan, Bundle Plan and Premium Plan. Each one is designed by Franklin, has different fitness goals in mind, and requires basic equipment (you probably already have this stuff collecting dust somewhere!). There’s also a personal trainer program that comes with a custom diet plan, a personal profile page, and an individualized workout plan. There’s also no auto-billing, so you won’t get stuck in a money-sucking cycle.

Best for: People who want an organized workout plan.
Cost: $49, $79, $99


For the Cult Crunchers
Crunch is a well-known fitness center with locations all over the country. They’ve been in the home fitness game for years, and now, their streaming service gives subscribers access to 85+ workouts and classes (like yoga, hip-hop and kick butt kickboxing) unique to Crunch. Each one is fun and funky and led by popular Crunch instructors. If you know and like this brand of fitness, this streaming service is best bet.

Best for: Everyone, but especially Crunch fans.
Cost: First 10 days free, $9.99 per month after.

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—Gabby Cullen