Fall means a lot of things: beautiful autumn foliage, a few hours to yourself when the kids are finally back in school (score!), and the not so welcome return of cool weather. When your fam is stuck inside, but still need engaging ways to entertain your little munchkins we suggest getting crafty with some fun DIY arts and crafts. Here are seven fun fall-inspired crafts that are aimed at a variety of ages, and will get your kids’ creative juices flowing and their imaginations soaring to new heights. Happy crafting!

1. Edible Plant Cells
A special thanks to Let’s Explore blog for this fun (and slightly gross) craft. Here Jello is used as cytoplasm and candies are used to represent other cell organisms. An edible project always gets a thumbs up from us, especially one that promotes imagination and learning at the same time.

2. Wax Paper Stained Glass
Not sure what to do with all of those broken crayons? Little did you know you can transform those pesky crayon bits into wonderful works of art with just wax paper and an iron.

3. Monoprints
Sometimes it’s hard to find a craft project that’s appropriate for kids of all ages, but this DIY kids craft is fun, creative and engaging for kiddos of all ages. Your little ones can adapt the project to their own pace and skills.

4. Kissing Coasters
This simple craft is perfect for hostess gifts or for creating a fun accent for your side table. If you aren’t comfortable painting your own lips, lip “kiss” stamps are available at craft stores everywhere, though we guess that your kids will love making their kiss imprints on each ceramic tile. Mwah!

5. Butterfly Feeder
We’ve all made the bird feeder out of a pine cone, peanut butter, and seeds, but have you ever made a butterfly feeder? These easy to make feeders are colorful and look great hanging from a tree in your yard. A special thanks to Rainbow & Sunshine for this awesome (and easy) craft idea. 

6. Painted Halloween Jars
Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate what is typically ever kiddos’ fave holiday, Jedi Craft Girl came up with a fun and simple way to decorate jars. You can make them as spooky as you like. The outcome is spooktacular. Click here for the full scoop.

7. Autumn Wreath
Soon the leaves will litter the ground and the trees will be bare. Take advantage of all of the fall foliage and make an inspiring autumn wreath. Pro tip for an Autumn leaves wreath: You can either go out and gather your own leaves or purchase them at your local florist or craft store.

What is your family’s #1 favorite craft for the chilly fall/winter season?

— Erin Lem