Whether you’ve got a Millenium Falcon zipping through the halls, a USS Enterprise about to take flight or a Buzz Lightyear headed for Star Command one thing remains true: space-obsessed kids love to hang with the stars. Get ready to power up your space traveler’s phasers to STUN-NING—from a few in-your-wildest-dreams to simple DIY’s, we’ve got 11 spaces that will send your mini-astronaut into orbit.

X-Wing Bed

So, your budding Jedi wants to fly a rebel starfighter? DarthDaddy42 built his kiddo a Rebel Alliance X-Wing Bed. R2-D2 comes along for the ride (it’s a cooler - even Jedi Knights need a snack now and then). There’s a built in monitor for watching all the Star Wars movies too.

 photo: Walyou.com



How would you create a room that’s outta this world? Tell us about it in a comment below.

— Helen Walker Green