Whether you’ve got a Millenium Falcon zipping through the halls, a USS Enterprise about to take flight or a Buzz Lightyear headed for Star Command one thing remains true: space-obsessed kids love to hang with the stars. Get ready to power up your space traveler’s phasers to STUN-NING—from a few in-your-wildest-dreams to simple DIY’s, we’ve got 11 spaces that will send your mini-astronaut into orbit.

Deep Space Fighter Bed

Prepare for intergalactic battle, or just for bed, with your very own Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural. Imagine stars and planets whooshing by as you set course for the asteroid belt or investigate a black hole. SPLURGE ALERT – the bed and mural are customized and available through Posh Tots.

photo: PoshTots.


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— Helen Walker Green