There’s nothing you enjoy more than seeing your kids mastering new skills with confidence.

Pedalheads shares your vision, which is why they’re dedicated to helping your kids learn to ride a bike. Here’s why we’re wheel-y excited about this program:

  • Pedalheads will get your kids from training wheels to trails with their small class size (5:1 student teacher ratio) and proven teaching methods that feature eight different instructional levels. Fun fact: Pedalheads have taught over 200,000 kids to bike and swim.
  • Whether your kids are on training wheels, terrified to even hop on a bike or thisclose to becoming a master rider, Pedalheads has a class that’ll fit their needs. Their programs start for tots as young as two-years-old.

Sound like a program you can roll with? Good news: they’re giving away 10 free summer camps. Enter to win one week of summer camp by clicking here.

Grab those helmets. It’s time to ride!


Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:
“My boys are loving their first two days!! They have so many great stories, fell asleep both days on the way home, and my 4 yo is now riding without training wheels!!! Awesome camp!!”

— Amy McLeese Bergner

“I sent my daughter (almost 7 years old) to bike camp for a week of half-days. This was a girl who couldn’t even balance on a bike with training wheels. I had bought her a bike without training wheels and crossed my fingers that the money spent on the bike and the camp wasn’t a waste. I also bought her a new helmet. After the first day, she was balancing on her own; the second day, she started to pedal. By the last day, my child was biking around the parking lot on her own, totally confident and proud of herself. Pedalheads is an amazing company and I am so pleased that I signed my daughter up! She will certainly attend again next summer!”

— Alysha Mcdonald