The Experience of Midwifery Care

Midwives believe pregnancy and birth is a natural physiologic process. The Alma Midwives support you and your family through this process physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spiritually. We believe that you and your family are the best decision-makers for your body and your baby and that midwives are your guides and educators through the process of starting or adding to your family. We provide relationship-based care: we have hour long prenatal and postpartum appointments, and we come to your home, so that we can get to know each other and build mutual trust. We assess for health and safety of mom and baby throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth and if a higher-risk situation arises assist women in a transfer to medical care.


  1. Joni Pedersen CNM
  2. Laura Erickson CM, CPM
  3. Brooke Bina CNM
  4. Traci Garnet CNM


  • Prenatal care
  • Labor and Birth
  • Postpartum Care
  • Insemination Services
  • Well-Woman Care