Do your little explorers have a touch of wanderlust, a look of infinite longing for the wide world beyond the confines of their playroom walls?

Introduce them to the vibrant sights and sounds of southeast Asia at the Voyage to Vietnam exhibit, opening on Feb. 9 at Portland Children’s Museum. This stunning, immersive exhibit brings alive the Vietnamese festival of Tết, an important celebration for Vietnamese families. Here’s what makes the Voyage to Vietnamexhibit at Portland Children’s Museum the perfect meeting place for your child’s sense of wonder and desire to play:

  • Kids and parents alike will be delighted by the beautiful cultural and family traditions of the Tết festival and Vietnam featured throughout the exhibit. Your wannabe world travelers will expand their global understanding through hands-on learning about family celebrations on the other side of the world.
  • The beauty of Voyage to Vietnam: Celebrating the Tết Festival is enhanced by activities, art, and performances by community partners including Tender Table, White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance, Tieng Hoai Huong Ensemble and more, throughout the duration of the exhibit. Don’t miss seeing the Hướng Nước // Inheritance // Water art show that shares perspectives of the Vietnamese diasporic experience in Portland and the wider West Coast community, showcasing the work of artists Dao Strom, Anna Vo, Christine Nguyen, and Trinh Mai.
  • The students of the Museum’s Opal School have designed a space at the exhibit for kids of all ages to play, create and dream. The Museum is the only one in the world that operates a public charter school and invites the influence of the children’s ideas in the design of its exhibits and programs.

The festivities begin at the grand opening of Voyage to Vietnam on Feb. 9 at Portland Children’s Museum. Don’t miss your chance to snap some unforgettable photos with your little globetrotter trying on a traditional Ao Dai—this traveling exhibit departs May 6.

Adventure is calling.

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Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“Took my two-year-old here a couple of times now and we love it! There is something for every kid. My son really enjoys the art room and clay room! The grocery store area is also a favorite of his. Great place to just let your kiddos run wild for a few hours and food is really good and great prices!”
— Rosanna K. (Portland, OR)
“This museum was awesome! Coming from CA, I’ve seen a good share of kids museums and this one was really something special. It really makes children’s creativity bloom. There was something there for my one-, three- and five-year-old to enjoy. They had a blast!”
— Michelle S. (Manteca, CA)
“Visited while I was in Portland last month with my one-year-old. We had a blast hanging out there for about 2.5 hours on a Tuesday. Being in Portland, it’s nice that they utilize outdoor space and have a small hiking trail. The indoor areas are large and roomy. Stroller parking tucked away was really convenient and they even opened a side room for me to nurse.”
— Shannon C. (Los Angeles, CA)