It’s a fact: kids wake up early. You get up with them, make coffee and toast, play some toddler games, and it’s still only 7 a.m. What? Take advantage of the early mornings and get out of the house and enjoy some breakfast! Portlanders love their brunch, but these places are reliable breakfast spots any day of the week. Many of them come ready to entertain with kiddie play areas, and all of them have coffee and delicious food waiting for you. Read on for more!

photo: heidi via yelp

Slappy Cakes

It’s the only interactive breakfast spot in town, and it’s great for kids! With a griddle in the middle of each table (yes, it’s hot, be careful!), hungry diners order their batter and toppings, then squeeze their pancakes onto the griddle and watch them cook right there! Kids will love to make their own silly shapes and styles, then add toppings and chow down. Who knows, maybe you can bring that helpful attitude back into your own kitchen.

4246 SE Belmont St.
Portland, Or.

Jam on Hawthorne

This classic Portland spot expanded a few years ago and is still cranking out delicious plates. Head there early to beat the wait, especially on a weekend. Once you’re inside you’ll find a large play area for the kids and plenty of coffee, cocktails, and fresh food, like the lemon ricotta pancakes, or corned beef hash. Super friendly, fun, and with great service to boot!

2239 SE Hawthorne St.
Portland, Or.

Country Cat

This high style southern diner is surprisingly kid-friendly, from the atmosphere to the kid’s menu. Parents will find Eggs Benedict or cast iron skillet fried chicken, while each item is carefully tailored to kids for their own menu. Brunch is offered every day of the week until 2 p.m. so you can enjoy it all week long.

7937 SE Stark St.
Portland, Or.

photo: rob via yelp

Baker and Spice

These bakers started out serving their treats at local farmers markets before growing into a popular brick and mortar in Hillsboro a few years ago (just a few minute away from downtown!). You can choose from their Bakery or their next-door Cakery, depending on what kind of morning it is. Inside the bakery doors you’ll find croissants, tartlets, scones, and galettes, ranging from sweet to savory and in perfect kid sizes.

6330 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, Or.

Kenny and Zuke’s

This classic deli downtown has all sorts of delicious meals, like eggs, pastrami, hash and challah french toast, served all day long (try their latkes with homemade applesauce!). For the bagel fans, head to Bagelworks in NW for lox, bialys, and more.

Downtown Deli
038 SW Stark St.
Portland, Or.

2376 NW Thurman St
Portland, Or.


photo: poa via yelp

Poa Cafe

With a focus on a welcoming atmosphere for kids and adults alike, North Portland’s Poa Cafe knocks it out of the park. Order your favorite juices, smoothies, coffee, or enjoy a full menu of goodies while your kids head straight to the play area in the back. A great kids menu offers simple and delicious options from scrambled eggs to yakisoba noodles, and they all come with a side of healthy popcorn–yum!

4025 N Williams Ave.
Portland, Or.

Pips Original

Slinging tiny made-to-order doughnuts all day long, Pips is a fun breakfast treat! These little guys come with toppings like Nutella, honey, strawberry jam, or cinnamon sugar. Parents can enjoy a custom house-blended Chai or espresso while you try to grab that last little doughnut. Watch out for some sticky fingers and happy bellies.

4759 NE Fremont St.
Portland, Or.
Online: PipsOriginal/


photo: Alpha via flickr

Original Pancake House

Non-natives might know it as that place they’ve seen everywhere (there are over 80 locations across the U.S.), but Portlanders know it as the classic, old-style pancake house. It is, in fact, the original: it opened in 1953 and has been making lines ever since. If your family is a fan of big fluffy Dutch babies, two-person omelettes, delicate crepes, or just a big pile o’ flapjacks, they’ll want to come here.

8601 S.W 24th Street
Portland, Or.

La Panza

This tiny restaurant is right next to a Plaid Pantry, which means most people drive on by and completely miss out. The good news is that there’s never much of a wait, which is great when you’re drooling for blue corn and pine nut pancakes, or their chile relleno omelette, or maybe a prickly pear mojito for mom. Kids have plenty of options to feast from, too. and the outdoor tables and. Finish off your meal with some sopapillas, pillowy heaps of goodness that come with honey ready to slather. No kid or grown man can resist.

2425 SE 26th Ave.
Portland, Or.

What’s your favorite morning spot? Tell us in the comments below!

—Katrina Emery