Goodbye Easy Bake Oven: Cooking Classes For Kids

Your kids chow down on all types of cuisine. Sushi? Burritos? Pizza? Yes, yes and yes. Take your family’s love of food to the next level with a cooking class for your little chefs. Here are four local places where your little ones will learn how to chop, slice, dice and create.

The Merry Kitchen
On the Menu: Bake a Quidditch Player’s pie, stir up some Green Eggs and Ham or just delight in regular ole’ cake pops — this is not just a “merry” kitchen because the owner and top chef Julie Merry happens to have an awesome name. The Northeast Portland cooking school is tucked into a charming home that Julie remodeled specifically to cater to your little chefs’ comfort zone. There’s even a garden out back where kids can learn how to grow and reap the benefits of an organic garden!

Cost: All children’s classes are $35 and run two hours long. Check out the calendar to see what creative themed cookery your kid could be learning, and don’t forget to save your kiddo’s spot for by registering in advance.

5202 NE 72nd Ave.
Portland, Or 97218

photo credit: Julie M. via

The Kids Cooking Corner
On the Menu: With three levels from Assistant Chef (3-6), Junior Chef (7-11), and Senior Chef (12+), there’s definitely a spot for your little sue chef to master their motor skills and attention span. Fresh, healthy and eco-friendly, The Kids Cooking Corner partners with local renewable green businesses to promote sustainable food systems while filling tiny bellies with meals like a perfect vegetarian casserole. As a non-profit they also regularly work with special needs kids; offer scholarships; and even grow food for the Clark County Food Bank.

Cost: Classes are $35/student, but The Kids Cooking Corner also offers a punch card special with 4 lessons for $99 with your fifth class free! Take a gander at their calendar to see when you can start your little chefs’ journey. Remember registration can only be done over phone or by email.

5206 NE 78th St.
Vancouver, Wa 98665

photo credit: The Kids Cooking Corner via

Portland Culinary Workshop
On the Menu: The chefs at Portland Culinary Workshop are so eager to teach the next gen of cooks that kids are welcomed to come to ANY of the classes (save for wine and couple dining courses). Kids can learn everything from breaking down a pig to utilizing every part — or for the veggie-minded tots, their vegetarian/vegan courses will give them the skills to satisfy even the most devout meat eaters. Whether you want to drop your kids or join in the fun with a family lesson, these classes will definitely start encouraging kids to help the adults out at home.

Cost: For kids-only classes, it’s $35/kids ages 6-12; joining in an adult workshop is $20 less the class price for little chefs 12 and under. Classes fill up fast, so you’ll need to register in advance.

807 N. Russell St.
Portland, Or 97227

photo credit: _foam via creativecommons flickr

Little Tykes: Parent-Child Cooking
On the Menu: At the National College of Medicine, you and your little one can walk in hand-in-hand and cook up a storm with healthy, 100% gluten, dairy and soy free recipes. While your kid has fun measuring, playing and making food, you can learn just how much food affects your kiddo’s attention, mood, sleep and energy. Kids 5-8 years old will love what’s on the menu: from coconut flour pancakes to chicken roulades, these are definitely recipes we want to master for home cooking!

Cost: Early bird registration for the complete series is $150/one parent and child; $50/additional child. If you’re interested in only taking one course, it’s $55/one parent and child; $25/additional child.

Charlee’s Kitchen
2220 SW First Ave.
Portland, Or 97201

photo credit: Rachel Tayse via creativecommons flickr

What format of cooking class has worked for you and your kiddos? Let us know – and the favorite dish you like to prepare – in the comments!

– Cathie Ericson and Christal Yuen