Searching for an activity that adds a dose of magic to a regular day?

Oregon Children’s Theatre spins an empowering, musical fairy tale with Ella Enchanted. Here’s why you’ll want tickets for the whole family:

  • Ella of Frell was dealt a tricky hand at birth. A foolish fairy declared that she obey every command that came her way. Now that Ella’s turned 15, she’s determined to shake the curse.
  • Along the way, she rubs shoulders with evil step-sisters, ogres, and maybe even a handsome prince, all while keeping her cool. The moral of the story? With pluck and persistence you can achieve your goals.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up, with colorful costumes, an incredible musical score, clever sets and tons of polish, they’ll sit rapt in their seats during the entire 60-minute performance.
  • Love what you see? You can upgrade your Ella tickets to a season subscriptionfor a year’s worth of entertainment the whole family will love.

Hear hear to girls that rule!

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Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“My granddaughters and I have enjoyed several plays presented by OCT. The most recent was presented by their Young Professionals group. It was an outstanding performance. OCT has a wonderful staff. They’re friendly, helpful, and always professional.”
— Sharon
“Great venue and atmosphere. We loved the production!”
— Monica
“Love taking my kids to the plays. We get dressed up, go out to a nice dinner and then enjoy a very good show!!! What a great way for our family to bond!”
— Nicole