Combat the Monday blues with these nine activities that will kick start your week with a boatload of fun. From concerts to craft time, here are our fave activities that’ll make you look forward to Monday every week. Click through to take a peek.

Create at Spark Arts Center
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Create at Spark Arts Center

Why not start the week getting messy? Spark Arts Center offers drop-in messy art for kids ages 2-5. At $7 - $10 a kid, a visit to Spark Arts Center is a fab way to craft, paint, glue and just create, all without having to clean up.

Spark Arts Center

1805 NE 39th Ave
Portland, Or 9721

  1. Create at Spark Arts Center
  2. Pedal at The Lumberyard
  3. Rock Out at Rain City Cafe
  4. Jump Around at Sky High Sports
  5. Get Crafty at Art a la Carte

What is your favorite way to start off the week? 

— Liz Overson