If you’ve just discovered that it’s possible for your kids to get sick of dining on fast, family favorites like pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese night after night, it might be time to consider an alternative approach to dinner. Lucky for you, Munchery recently started delivering freshly made, gourmet meals right to the doorsteps of Portland homes. We gave their service a try and to our delight, here is what we discovered:


Photo: Munchery

You can Chill! They Deliver Meals.
Munchery is a meal delivery service that isn’t new to the game. It was started in 2010 by a couple of busy dads desperate to figure out how to make dinnertime both easy and good for the family. Signing up for Munchery’s service means that you have the option of ordering expertly-prepared meals that are made from the best (often organic and locally sourced) ingredients, and then delivered right to your doorstep chilled and ready to heat and eat.

This means no more last-minute trips to the grocery store or spending large sums of money hauling the family out to eat. Just hop online and order healthy meals that match the quality  of Portland’s finest dining establishments.

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Cooking kit, Photo: Munchery

In the mood to cook but don’t have the time to stop by the store and pick up the ingredients? Munchery also can deliver cooking kits equipped with all of the fixings pre-chopped and measured so you have everything you need to prepare a chef-designed meal in just 15 minutes. A little chopping, mixing and boiling and voila! your family is eating in style.


Your Perfect Burger, Photo: Munchery

What’s on the Menu?
The Munchery menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts that rotate so that meals stay fresh and your family gets to try a wide variety of tastes. Dinners for mom and dad come in a wide range, from the Your Perfect Burger to Roasted Salmon & Pearl Couscous, there’s a little something to satisfy every craving. Your little guys can enjoy Kids’ Classic Chicken Pot Pie or expand their palates with the Kids’ Salmon & Veggie Fried Rice. Got a sweet tooth? Order Spiced Carrot Cake or a Nutella Rice Krispy. Did we mention they also have drinks? Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee, Original Ginger Beer, and Forager Nuts &Vanilla Organic Almond milk are all available.


Photo: Munchery

Getting Started
Setting up a Munchery account is fast and easy. They have a sleek, easy to navigate website that allows you to enter your information, or skip all that fuss and use your Facebook account to sign up. They also have a mobile app so you can sign up or schedule your orders on the go. Once you are signed up, you can search through the Munchery menu and pick the meals you want delivered that day or for the entire week.

Insider tip: You must order before 9 a.m. for same day delivery. Ordering ahead is advised because some menu items sell out fast!

Saving Pennies
Munchery dinners start at $7.95, kids’ meals start as low as $3.50 and the price of sides and snack vary. There is a small delivery fee attached as well. For the quality of the food, convenience, and the excellent service the price is well below what you would pay to eat out and in some cases on par with what you would pay to buy the ingredients yourself.


Munchery makes eating in feel like eating out, only for far less and while enjoying the comfort of your own home.

For more information on Munchery, visit them online at munchery.com.

If you could have your favorite meal delivered to your doorstep, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below!

—Annette Benedetti