Northwest Children’s Theater


Is your kid the one running through the house or the grocery store reciting lines from plays and movies to anyone within earshot? Or maybe you have a little story teller who is looking to put their imaginative energy into something dramatically productive? In comes Northwest Children’s Theater & School, where it is open to all ages.  Being at NWCT will help your kiddos discover ways to interact and communicate through positive interactions, effective communication, physical development and artistic expressions.

Most notable at NWCT is the inclusive family atmosphere: many of the actors and teachers at the theater began there as young students and, having grown in their craft and expertise, are able to pass on that same love and support to a new generation of hopeful artists. In addition to their incredible summer camps, including scene study and fully costumed playlabs, the theater offers training in stage and house management, film education and video production, producing well-rounded artists with an understanding of the complete performance process.

Lights, camera, action. Enrichment, entertainment, education. The Northwest Children’s Theater welcomes you to the spotlight.


Northwest Children’s Theater & School
1819 Northwest Everett Street
Portland, Or, 97209


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