Kids spend A LOT of time at school (up to 1,000 hours a year to be exact!), which means feeling at home in their classroom is essential.

Portland Jewish Academy (PJA), an independent school serving infants through 8th graders, agrees. They make a point to inject a strong sense of community in every aspect of their student’s day, from math class to recess. Here’s why you’ll want to stop by the upcoming open house (Jan. 18 at 10 a.m.) to learn more about this school, sweet, school.

  • Class sizes are smaller to support individual growth and accomplishment. PJA’s programs provide welcoming and inclusive settings that recognize diverse abilities, interests, needs and learning styles.
  • Parents rave that PJA feels more like an extended family, that learns, celebrates Jewish holidays and participates in community service together.
  • The curriculum focuses on STEAM (Science + Technology + Engineering + Arts + Mathematics) experiences that are project-based and collaborative. Bonus: With 29 percent more instruction time in the day than Portland Public Schools, kids at PJA get to participate in art, library, PE and music classes. Hebrew and Jewish studies are also built into the curriculum.

Learn more about the open house on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 10 a.m. here or call 503-535-3599 for a personal tour.

Make yourself at home!



Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“PJA is a parent’s dream: thoughtful and deeply committed teachers, top level facilities and academics, robust sports and arts programs, beaucoup community and extra-curricular on-site activities, and a loving and inclusive community of families. Of course this means that it’s also a child’s dream and the proof is in my daughter’s attitude toward school: she is excited to go every day! I also think they do a great job infusing Jewish ideals and values into their education in an egalitarian way. Best decision we ever made for our daughter!”
— Sara K.
“Oh, my mama heart. We love this place. Arts integrated into every part of the curriculum, value-based learning environment, passionate teachers, differentiation in the classroom when it’s called for…such a special place and a real community. Can’t recommend PJA highly enough.”
— Victoria F.