What’s better than a sunny day in Portland? One that involves happy kids, cake and ice cream. Summer birthday parties can be thrown just about anywhere the sun reaches, but if you’re looking to add to the experience, the following festive venues offer exceptional al fresco celebration options. Read on to discover six superb spots for your summertime kiddo’s next big birthday bash.

Oregon Zoo

Celebrate with the cougars and condors at your own fabulous birthday party at the Oregon Zoo. Rates include admission for up to three adults and 12 kids, and you can add on catering if you so desire, or bring your own treats. All your guests need to to do is pick up their tickets at will call, then go have fun. Easy peasy! When you’re all done with your cake, head outside to explore 62 acres crawling (and swimming, flying, swinging, and slithering) with animals.

$300 for 3 adults and 12 children
4001 SW Canyon Rd.
Online: oregonzoo.org

photo: Sam Churchill via flickr creative commons

  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/samchurchill/3738261022/in/photolist-6GkyLf-6GgxyT-6GkBo9-6GgxL2-6Ggxit-6GguNT-6GkBwS-6GgvQx-6GgxSi-6GgwrD-6Ggu2x-6GgtXR-6GkB6f-6GkBvw-6GgxNr-6GgxDa-6GkBHQ-6GgwKH-jBhH3i-pgzcHv-jBhJwR-jBhFwH-jBgKzr-jBhD7c-jBhM8x-jBgHxk-6emztM-jnado-pgzcWX-d869eh-d869hs-d869zY-d869kh-oZmfnE-pgPanb-8T58zc-jnaxS-a8CfRb-bQWPjt-6y9cCQ-jBiDHS-jBgBKZ-jBgAQT-jBiKao-jBhEuH-jBgJEa-dGxy2J-jBgE6k-jBjM6s-jBhBVe
  • Kruger's Farm has three options for maze-crazed customers. The daytime corn maze is a confusing, twisting path through the corn. At night, it transforms into the Cabaret Maze, with fire performers, musicians, fortune tellers and spooky movies showing in the clearings. Then, there's the Haunted Maze that's most likely too frightening for littlest ones. For the daring, sign up for a time slot, then enjoy the Cabaret while you wait your turn. When your time slot comes up, a tractor will take your party out to the haunted maze. 17100 NW Sauvie Island Rd. Sauvie Island 503-621-3489 Online: krugersfarmmarket.com Photo credit: Kruger's Farm
  • http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/cowboy-jerrys-horses-oregon-city?select=0OSCdNDLlARBv8g6QeE5Aw#0OSCdNDLlARBv8g6QeE5Aw
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/oceanyamaha/4952877083/in/photolist-8xEMNt-5Fpp97-5mCJcv-87NGxP-5zMz4t-6ZHAg8-5ypiLY-54RJ7E-54FJvL-ayQ4F6-aySJ9b-aySJr5-ayQ4hH-ayQ4Tk-aySK7b-ayQ5z8-aySJZ9-2uk6BD-aySKJ3-5qBmW8-ayQ6gx-ayQ63K-aySKbN-81fD6e-5nNqVt-ayQ5rR-8uKZVf-8xHSTE-aySKgG-8xHRY9-8xHS3E-8xHQww-8xEMZg-8xHPV3-81WHaN-6hwpTG-5ypdb7-6aB6dB-6x2Kcm-7a646y-nthYvo-nthQjx-nthRXG-nHK1g7-nKK7HG-nKMuyn-nKMtyM-nHJZLu-nHJYUu-nMyXFF
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanh/9073860808/in/photolist-ejNMG5-ePPUG1-o8Nbcd-PiWUX

What’s your favorite outdoor birthday spot? Spill the beans in the comments!

—Kelley Gardiner