Pet Wants PDX

“Pet Wants PDX is basically a pet food nutrition company, with a main focus on local and USA made products. We offer the highest quality pet food, made fresh monthly. We deliver the Portland Metro area. Pet Wants dog and cat food formulas never contain corn, wheat, soy or animal by-products. You can be assured that unless you are making your own pet food, Pet Wants is the freshest pet food you can provide your pet. Period.

We are locally owned and our food is made in a small AFFCO Certified pet food facility. Our 3rd generation plant has never been involved in a recall. Check out our website www.petwantsPDX.com or feel free to call to chat about Pet Nutrition and how our formulas can ensure your Fur Babies are recieving the freshest food delivered right to your door.

Pet Wants PDX is all about LOVE, HEALTH and CONVENIENCE, making it easy for Pet Parents to love their pets by providing the best nutrition and health possible with our fresh food conveniently delivered right to their door.”


000001784-KMX1urwLrVTt_6yNQss-from Frank Lemos, Pet Wants PDX
Phone: 503-349-2206
Online: PetWantsPDX.com
Facebook: facebook.com/petwantspdx
Twitter: twitter.com/petwantspdx
Instagram: instagram.com/petwantspdx
Pinterest: pinterest.com/petwantspdx/?etslf=8708&eq=pet



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