Remember when you were a kid and your teacher—on a whim—decided to have class on the playground? The best, right? Imagine how you’d feel if class was held on 59 wooded acres.

That’s exactly what 870 pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students experience every day at Oregon Episcopal School (OES). Here are a few more reasons you’ll want to check out OES’s Lower School Open House on Nov. 8.

  • “Always Open.” That’s OES’s motto, which means they are open to new questions, ideas, and ways of doing things. Students are encouraged to explore topics through hands-on projects and research, with the hopes they connect their ideas to larger global issues that inspire them to do some good in the world.
  • With an average class size of 18 kids and a 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio, OES may be intimate, but the opportunities are bursting at the seams. In addition to a top notch academics program, OES’s amazing curriculum includes art, music, PE and Spanish.
  • At the Lower School Open House on Nov. 8, your family can go on a self-guided tour of classrooms with student ambassadors available along the way to help keep you on track. You’ll have an opportunity to meet classroom and specialist teachers, administrators, and student representatives from the Lower and Upper Schools.

Put your thinking caps on for this one!



Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“OES is one of the top schools in the state of Oregon. More importantly, it is the type of school that helps your child become the most interesting version of themselves that they can be. The teachers, the staff, the pedagogy, the diversity, the campus are all top-notch, thoughtfully intentional in every respect. And despite its title, it really is a non-denominational school. You owe it to your kid and to yourself to at least check it out! Financial aid is available on a need basis.” — Jeany P.

“OES has been a perfect fit for all four of my very different children, one graduate and three current students. The teachers are truly the heart of the school. They go above and beyond to nurture and encourage every student, fostering a love for learning and confidence to take on new challenges. The inquiry-based curriculum prepares students not only for college but to be innovative problem solvers in their communities. My family is blessed to be a part of such an inclusive and supportive community.” — Alicia M.