Does your list of activity “must haves” include words like: environmentally friendly, sustainable and loads of fun for everyone in the family? If your answer is “yes”, then we have found the perfect family festival for you. Read on, then pack up the kids and get ready to head to The Green Festival, held December 9-12 at the Oregon Convention Center. Read on for the scoop!


photo: Kevin Krejci via flickr

The Festival
Described as a “vibrant, dynamic marketplace”, the Green Festival is sure to please and delight any green-centric Portland family.You will find tables with presentations by companies offering green products and services perfect for your household as well as businesses and organizations promoting and teaching about sustainability and healthy, green lifestyles.  In addition, you’ll learn about new sustainable food, fashion, and health products your crew will love. Informative demonstrations, speakers, and educational activities round out this fun-filled, informative, and innovative event.

For the Kids
Your kiddos are never too young to start learning about taking care of the earth. The Family Fun pavilion has tons of options for keeping youngsters entertained while educating them. Onsite you’ll find the toy company Hammer and Jacks and they will be providing kid-friendly programming suitable for family members of all ages. There will be a green toy play area (great for younger children aged 2-6), puzzles, arts and crafts, story-time, and informational activities where kids can learn about important topics such as recycling and global warming.

Interested young activists will also have the opportunity to use egg cartons, recycled bottles, milk jugs and other “up-cycled” materials to create bugs, hovercrafts, creatures, bubble blowers, and play a fun ring-toss game.  Finally, there will be a place for each kid to let their voice be heard.  A table and writing materials will be provided for them to write letters to the White House letting the President know how important it is to take care of our planet.

Educational and fun all rolled up in one! We can’t think of a better way to educate children about a green way of life.


photo: Portland Event Photography

Presentations and Workshops
Brush up on your Gree Trivia! The festival promises a number of educational forums including a 3-4 hour workshop by Jim Armstrong (founder of Climate Changers), presentations by community leaders Andrew Millison, Erik Wolf, and Barbara Troyer, and viewings of the films Speciesism, Cowspiracy, and Love Thy Nature.  These presentations promise a wealth of information on farm planning, permaculture housing developments, healthy food options, wildlife and environmental initiatives, and sustainable sourcing, among other topics.

At the festival you will find no shortage of food (vegan, vegetarian, organize etc.) sure to fill and satify the bellies of kids and adults alike.  With both local and national food producers represented, there will be a plethora of non-GMO, sustainably sourced offerings.  For the above 21 among us, be sure to make a trip to the beer, wine and spirits garden to find the perfect pairing for your healthy food choices.

Location: Oregon Convention Center, 777 Northeast MLK Jr. Blvd.
Date: Dec. 9-12
Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Cost: Free


—Emily Hogan