The International School


Learning a second language will be of great benefit to your child, poising her to become a global citizen. The International School offers children ages 3 to 5th grade the unique opportunity to learn Spanish, Chinese or Japanese in a true immersion program. Students learn a rigorous curriculum of math, science, and social studies taught in the language of study by native speaking teachers. Art, music and PE (taught in English) complement the curriculum. All students gain global competence by learning about the nuances of other cultures. Fifth graders take a trip in the spring to either Mexico, China or Japan, where they spend one week attending classes alongside their peers, and one week traveling the country to experience firsthand the historical locations they have studied about each destination.

The International School is Portland’s first International Baccalaureate elementary school; wherein the focus is on teaching students the skills they need to seek, acquire and communicate knowledge, encouraging them to become lifelong learners. Lessons are framed around students’ questions, and teachers guide their pupils to discover answers. By going on field trips and partaking in collaborative research, children learn the vital attribute of problem solving and have a vested interest in their own education. The diverse environment at The International School gives students an ideal backdrop for gaining an understanding of many cultures, learning to speak the language of life in addition to becoming bilingual.

The International School
025 SW Sherman St
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 226-2496


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