What does a Brachiosaurus eat for breakfast? How fast can a T-Rex run? With NWCT puppet troupe “The Starlings” as your guides, discover the prehistoric world of dinosaurs! This interactive, puppet-fueled extravaganza is perfect for first-time theatergoers and parents alike.

The Starlings made their debut at Northwest Children’s Theater in “The Tail of Sleeping Beauty with Puppets” in early 2017. The show took home Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards for Best Original Musical and Best Original Song along with a special Drammy Award for puppet design. They returned again in September 2017 in “The Starlings Present: Amelia Earhart’s First Flight”, an imaginative and immersive exploration of the history of women in flight and aerospace.

After building on the success and acclaim of their first two productions, they’re ready for their biggest production yet! The show features lyrics in three languages (English, Spanish, and Latin) John Ellingson’s award-winning puppetry brings this show to life with huge results, and we mean HUGE. This is one family reunion you won’t want to miss.


Northwest Children’s Theater & School
1819 Northwest Everett Street
Portland, Or, 97209