Snapping Santa: 9 Places to Cozy Up With Jolly St. Nick

Whether he brings out giggles of joy or shrieks of terror, chances are the time-honored tradition of meeting Santa will make a big impression on your wee reveler that’s hard to pass up. Click through our album to see some of our favorite places for this once-yearly snapshot in time you’ll treasure for years to come.

Seeing is Believing: Macy’s SantaLand
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Seeing is Believing: Macy’s SantaLand

Santa Claus makes his home on the 6th floor of the downtown Seattle Macy’s, complete with everything you’d expect: elves, an enchanted holiday wonderland, and a special place to mail your Santa letters. Macy’s would not publically comment on whether there was more than one Santa, if their Santa has a real beard, or if they have any ethnic or multilingual Santas on the schedule… so you’ll just have to see for yourself. “Officially, there is only one Santa,” the spokesperson said. (David Sedaris’ famous SantaLand Diaries comes to mind here).

Dates: Nov. 28–Dec. 24, 2014
Cost: A wide assortment of digital photography packages are available and will ready to take home immediately.

1601 Third Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98101

photo: Courtesy Army Corp of Engineers via Flickr

  1. Seeing is Believing: Macy’s SantaLand
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– Ty Adams