If your standby jack-o-lantern is a gaped-tooth grinner, why not think outside of the gourd this year? It’s easier than you’d expect to create a jaw-dropping carving thanks to free printable templates for every interest and skill level. Whether you want Olaf, a pirate ship or a cute Minion perched on your front stoop you’ll get the how-to here. Click through the slideshow for ideas.

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Any "Despicable Me" fans out there? A bit of detail work on the hair and overalls will all be worth it when this cute minion comes to life. Click over to Pumpkin Pile to get the template.

  1. Minion
  2. Charlie Brown
  3. Pirate Skull
  4. Olaf
  5. Pirate Ship

What design will you carve on your pumpkin this year? Let us know in the Comments below!

— Susie Foresman

featured photo: Olaf Gradin via flickr