Kid’s are naturally compassionate, so why not take a few today (and every day) to foster their kindness by joining the Random Acts of Kindness movement? From simple gestures like carrying out groceries to creating artwork for a new neighbor, we’ve found 70 ways you and the kids can pay it forward. Scroll down to shine on!

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1. Compliment a stranger.

2. Collect your child’s old books that they no longer read and donate them to a children’s center, shelter or local library..

3. Pay the bridge toll of the person behind you.

4. Bring flowers to a coworker or friend.

5. Carry someone’s groceries to their car for them.

6. Send a friend a positive text.

7. Ask a stranger how they are feeling today, and actually listen to the answer.

Because You Forgot the Cookie Containersphoto: It’s Always Autumn

8. Bake cookies and deliver them to the local fire or police station.

9. Leave a big tip for a server.

10. Make sandwiches and distribute to homeless in your neighborhood.


11. Help a senior cross the street.

12. Buy an extra bottle of dishsoap or bar of soap and leave it for your neighbor.

13. Give up your seat on the bus.

14. Make someone a cup tea.

15. Deliver a meal or a potted plant to a random neighbor.

16. Walk or bike instead of driving.

happy dogs photo: Ben via flickr

17. Donate dog or cat food to the local animal shelter (call to ask them what brands they need). Many shelters want and need old blankets and towels as well. 

18. Text a compliment to a friend.

19. Make a kindness calendar with the kids or download this one and print!

20. Send a postcard to someone you love, even if they live nearby (or in the same house!).

21. Make a donation of a birthday box to a local food shelter: include items like cake mixes, frosting, candles, balloons and party hats.

22. If it’s a hot day, hand out cold bottles of water.

shared umbrella friendsphoto: Dun.can via flickr 

23. If it’s raining, share your umbrella for a few blocks.

24.Make kindness cards from drawings and paintings of kid’s art. Drop a few by the nearest senior center and ask if they can use them for anyone who needs a bit of cheer. 

25. Pick up trash off the street.

26. Call an old friend or relative and sing them a silly song.

27. Leave a note of kindness in the pocket of a coat in a clothing store, like “You look great in this!” or “You are more important than you could ever know.”

28. Host a bake sale to end child hunger.

29. Spring for coffee and donuts for your co-workers.

30. Hold the door open for someone.

31. Add extra time to your meter for the next person.

chalk art

32. Head to the park with some chalk and write sweet messages to the world.

33. Call a friend or relative and tell a joke.

34. Take fresh fruit or a small treat to your child’s daycare or send an apple to school for your child’s teacher.

35. Make a thank you card for the postal worker who delivers your mail.

36. Give thanks for the everyday things, not just big acts or gifts. “Thank you for making me laugh today,” or “Thank you for helping me figure out that math problem,” or even simply, “Thank you for loving me.”

37. Slip a note complimenting someone’s parking on the windshield of their car.

38. Share your toys.

39. Text message someone you’ve not talked to today “I love you.”

love hugs kid kindnessphoto: Kathy Neufeld via flickr

40. Distribute random hugs.

41. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop.

42. Make a friendship bracelet and give it to a new friend.  

43. Compliment someone sitting near you.

44. Smile at 5 people.

45. Leave your change in a vending machine after you buy something.

46. Send someone a laugh.

47. Leave a positive note on a bulletin road.

48. Smile at 10 people.

49. Walk a neighbor’s dog.

50. Rake leaves, shovel snow or do a little yard work/weeding for your neighbor.

51. Buy the Sunday paper and a pastry and leave it at your neighbor’s door.

52. Empty the dishrack or do a load of laundry for someone whose not expecting it.

53. Offer to help a co-worker or schoolmate with a problem.

love you note photo: Jamie Buscemi’s pics via flickr 

54. Leave a sweet note in your spouse or partner’s wallet.

55. Put a post-it note with a positive message like, “Today will be awesome” on a random door.

56. Leave extra change at the laundry mat.

57. Offer to run an errand for someone.

58. Read a book with a child.

59. Hide a few toys or Matchbox cars in the sand at the playground.

60. Buy a spare umbrella and find someone who needs it.

61. Get some silly glasses and wear them until you make someone laugh.

little free library photo: Ali Eminov via flickr 

62. Start a Little Free Library

63. Leave a dish of fresh water out for neighborhood dogs in front of your house or business.

64. Use sidewalk chalk to write out a message of love.

65. Play with someone new on the playground today.

66. Give your child’s teacher $5 toward classroom expenses or helping to pay for a field trip.

67. Paint a picture for a neighbor you don’t know that well.

68. Write a letter to the first person that pops into your mind (and don’t forget to send it!)

69. Help another kid with his homework.

70. Take out your neighbor’s trash for them.

Want more? Check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s new Kindness Generator.

What are your acts of kindness? Share them with us in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier

featured photo: ponce_photography via pixabay

70 Simple Kindness Acts Kids Can Do Any Day