As a new mom, I want to be with my daughter as much as possible.  I love watching her explore and discover new things; her infectious smile melts my heart, and of course I want to be there in case she gets fussy.  At seven months, she’s doing new things all the time, and the thought of missing any of her “firsts” terrify me.

Recently, though, every time I try to have a moment to myself – something as small as sitting down with a piece of pizza in front of the TV – I’m quickly called upon to do something. Not only am I left unfulfilled with a “me time” refuel, but starving!

I’ve realized lately there are more moments than not that have been signaling to me these past few months that it might be time I get some solid “me time” in, here are six:


1. Even when I get my own time I’m still doing mommy things.

The main thing I’m doing when I’m alone is pumping. I enjoy breastfeeding, and love that I’m able to provide my milk to my baby when I’m at work all day, but, it’s not the way I’d prefer to spend my time alone.

2. I haven’t had a mani/pedi since she was born.

The reason I know the last time I had my nails done is because it was the day before my baby shower. The night of my baby shower I went into labor. The next 10 days were spent in the NICU with my preemie and from there went into non-stop mommy mode.

3. The only songs stuck in my head are baby songs.

“The Wheels on the Bus,” is on repeat in my brain. I don’t remember the last time I heard new music.

4. I refer to my food as “yum yums.”

No one wants to be that mom!

5. I call myself “mommy” at inappropriate times.

I turned to my coworker yesterday and said, “Mommy’s hungry.” ::face palm::

6. The only time I’m alone is in the shower.

And let’s be real, I’m in there for all of five minutes. Five glorious minutes!

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