Tis the season to gobble up stuffing, chug eggnog and count your blessings. If you’re a new parent, you’ve got one big reason to be thankful: your sweet newborn babe. And here are a few more things you can add to your gratitude list.


Photo: Brian Tomlinson via Flickr

1. Now that you’re getting up every two hours to tend to your little one, you understand what your mom and dad went through raising you, and have even greater respect for them.

2. You don’t have to buy an alarm clock: you’ve got a live 5 a.m. wake up call squawking at you from the bassinet next to your bed every morning.

3. Why invest in air fresheners when you’ve got the best scent there is right in your lap? New baby smell. Yum.

4. If you want an excuse to stay home, you’ve got one. Don’t want to clench through awkward cocktail party small talk? Oh, sorry, you have to stay home with the new baby.


Photo: Kelly Roselle via Flickr

5. Soft baby blankets are the best. With a new baby at home, you’re surrounded by them.

6. Babies bring out the best in people. Go to the store with a baby in arms, and you’ll get smiles, coos and waves from total strangers.

7. You’ve got a phone filled with cute snaps of your little one that you can show off – or flip through – for years to come.


8. Since your baby’s too little to express an opinion – or push any buttons on the control panel – you get to pick the music in the car.

9. As a new parent, you’re surrounded by generous offers of help, from your coworkers bringing over a delicious meal to your neighbor’s willingness to shovel your sidewalk.


Photo: Salim Fadhley via Flickr

10. It might get cold and blustery outside, but you can be thankful you’re cozy inside: there’s no better snuggle than a baby snuggle.

11. All that car seat toting and baby holding is giving you killer biceps.

12. You really appreciate the little things, like a warm shower, hot cup of coffee, and eight hours of sleep.


Photo: Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr

13. If you’re up at 2 a.m. and it’s snowing, you get to peek out the window and see your own personal winter wonderland as the flakes drift down under the streetlights.

14. Now that you’re no longer pregnant, you can devour sushi, have more than a sip of wine, and you don’t have to worry about the Zika virus.

15. You’re parenting in the era of washing machines, jogging strollers, disposable diapers, super-safe car seats, and hundreds of flavors of baby food. Even if you don’t use all these modern conveniences, there’s probably a few that make parenthood just a little easier on you.


Photo: Bertram Nudelbach via Flickr

16. You get to buy your baby hoodies and hats with ears, which are so cute they may cause spontaneous squeals from fellow grocery store shoppers.

17. Now’s the year you get to save money, since presents for the under two set can be nothing more than a cardboard box and crinkly wrapping paper. Use that cash for a much-deserved night out.

18. You have a season full of firsts coming your way, which makes everything more magical: first time seeing Christmas lights, first time smelling cinnamon, first presents, first snow. And, after that, you can be thankful for opportunities to introduce your own favorite things to your little one, from bike rides to chocolate éclairs.

19. You’ve definitely got plans for New Year’s Eve: staying in and snoozing next to your tiny date.

Why are you thankful to be a new parent? Tell us in a comment.

-Oz Spies