They’re up all night and sleep all day. And there ain’t no party like a newborn party ’cause a newborn party don’t stop. If you feel like life with a newborn is all spit-up and diaper blowouts, here are ten reminders why newborns are hilarious and awesome.

happy baby cc Julie Seguss

1. They’re comfortable in their own skin. True, babies may not be aware of how their body works (like that their own arm is the culprit that keeps bumping into the sides of their heads), but if they’re uncomfortable, they don’t have any problem letting you know.

2. They sleep whenever they want to. Who cares if Grandma just flew in from Omaha to meet you? Girl’s gotta get her beauty rest.

3. The drool. We’ve had bulldogs that don’t slobber as much as some newborns. They’re cool with drool on a gummy grin and open-mouthed, slobbery kisses. ‘Cause they don’t care. They’re babies.

4. They have the best frowny faces. Wouldn’t it be great if we could show our displeasure so perfectly as adults? You’re out of coffee, you say? Cue the unhappy newborn face. Perfect.

5. They pee in the air and don’t even apologize. I mean, if you’re that stone cold cool, would you feel the need to apologize either? We didn’t think so.

6. They are the best snugglers. Is there anything better than a sleeping baby in your arms? The heat, the weight, the soft snores, that sweet face. Quick! Someone hand us a baby!

7. They throw up and don’t even flinch. See #5. Stone. Cold. Cool.

8. They have the best outfits. Why don’t we get to wear cozy, soft, one-piece ensembles with easy snap closures? And can you imagine how much easier Monday morning would be if you only had to pick out your favorite pima cotton onesie to pop on?

9. You can wash everything they own (which is a lot) in one load of laundry. The tiny outfits may be all over your home, but once you round them up and pack them in the washer, you’ll be amazed at how little space they take up. Enjoy this while you can.

10. When they make eye contact with you, it’s magic. Throw in soft finger caresses to your cheek and all of a sudden you’re ready for another baby. Or two. Or three.

What do you love most about newborns? Tell us in the comments section below!

— Shelley Massey

photo: Julie Seguss